So Many Reasons

I've been doing a ton of soul searching lately.  I think the catalyst has been a combination of a few things:  my current coach training (I'm in month two of an awesome six month certification), my intense desire to transform K-12 and college educators' professional development offerings, spending time with good friends who are getting separated, and wanting 100% to live my values - joy, creativity, connection, and taking initiative.

When I feel this cracking open of myself, I have to be really aware of this:  There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.  It is far too easy for me sometimes to focus on what is not right or sane in the world and instead, I am bravely choosing to focus on what I want to grow.

Amy Tangerine's free coloring page

If you need a reminder, you can download Amy's free coloring page here.  Miss O was lovely and colored this for me after celebrating her birthday this week.

Live bravely, friends.  Your braveness is what will make the world just and true.



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