Self Care

More importanter graphic

I am just relishing over the kick-cool humorous mugs at Mug Empire this morning over coffee.  And I felt compelled to adjust their gymnastics mug to fit us educators.  What I am discovering in my coaching certification and coaching a zillion hours a week now is that we educators (and parents...and business owners...and humans!) are so great at putting other people's needs first, that we often leave zero fuel in our own tanks to take care of ourselves.

I say no more.

You are wayyyy more importanter than anyone else.  Yep, own it.  Believe me when I tell you this.  If we all took better care of yourselves, imagine what we could do for other people with our expanded energy and wellness.  Right?  We would be on fire with energy, self love and compassion, and then we could inject that into your relationships with others - students, family, colleagues, and perfect strangers.

The big question then becomes:  What will you do today to make yourself more importanter than others?

Me?  I'm going to keep savoring this cup of coffee right now.  I will go slowly today and be present at my five hour department meeting instead of thinking about all the to-do list items I need to complete. Early evening, I am attending a professional development event which includes a mini-talk about mindfulness (how appropriate and what great timing to make myself more importanter!) AND when I finally roll into my home in the mid-evening, I will not open my laptop and work, but inside savor my family, pet sweet Jedi, light my new candle that smells awesome, and treat myself to a hot bath., that's making myself more importanter.

What will you do?



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  2. I can relate to this post. I'm a teacher and everywhere I go I mentally store things that would be teachable moments for students and I'm delighted when I see school supplies on sale. Now I have learnt that I need to turn off the teacher mode so I don't get burnt out. So I don't buy treats or resources for the classroom unless I need them and I watch movies that don't have children in them.

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