On Marriage (or deep relationships in general)

Good friends of mine are getting separated.  In support of them, I attended Second Saturday with the wife of the couple.  I would 100% recommend Second Saturday for any couple or person considering separation or divorce.  I thought it was great for me, too, which probably sounds odd since I am married to. Mr.UpCyclist.  Why?  Because I am a curious soul.  I love to learn.  It was great to support my friend and the information made me think about how deeply I adore Mr. UpCyclist and that often times, I take things for granted in our relationship.

At Second Saturday, there is usually a team of people who present - a lawyer, a mediator, a financial consultant and a coach/therapist/psychologist.  Though, I thought each presentation was highly, highly valuable, the coach's presentation really spoke to me.  It was this quote below that just nailed it for me.

Marriage quote

Man, that quote made (and makes) so much sense to me.  The coach, Karen Winter, went onto say that "we need the deepest level of intimacy in a relationship to do the hardest work of healing and improving."  It made me think of how I can be at my absolute worst with Mr. U, Miss O, and Jedi. They see me at my lowest of lows and most crankiness of moments.  Yet, they still love me, support me, and ultimately only want the best for me.

Deep relationships like marriage are like that.  Not all deep relationships, but the ones that really matter and are really worth healing and improving for.  I think those relationships are a gift from the universe that points me (and you) to the areas in life that need improvement, healing, and/or cultivating.  

I've alluded recently to how cracked open I feel lately because of the six month coach certification program I am in right now.  This quote sums up that cracking in such a beautiful way:

There is a crack in everything.  That's how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen

What relationships are you in right now that are pointing you to important places within yourself that need healing, improving and/or cultivating?  Are you brave enough to face those areas?