Life Updated: Winter's here

It's been a while since I did a Life Updated post.  Shall we do one together?  

Jen Lara Life Updated Blog Collage

It finally feels like winter here in Maryland and as you can see from a few of the photos above, Jedi and I are quite pleased with the snow.  And no, I haven't been to our condo in Colorado once this winter, which may explain why I've been a little crabbier than normal.  Forgive me, won't you? However, I've been pretty distracted and fulfilled with....
  • Totally loving on sweet babies.  Miss O loves little babies, too.  And no, Mr. UpCyclist and I do not plan on having more kids.  We are a two kid family - one with two human legs and one with four furry legs is how we roll.
  • I am loving all the cool Kickstarter and GoFundMe projects out there like this cool coffee project and a relative who is chasing a dream.  I'm all about dream chasing.  Amen to dreams.
  • Did you see the graduation subway art I created for 2016?  It is ready-to-print and use in your DIY projects.  I'm a sucker for subway art and PicMonkey, my go-to.
  • Mr. UpCyclist had a birthday!  What do you think of the Superman-bicycling cake his uber-talented mom made him?  He is king of the mountain, for sure, and such a superstar husband, dad, and best friend.
  • My word for the year, Savor, sometimes speaks to me and sometimes doesn't.  I can't quite decide if that word is serving me this year or not.  Do you have a word?  Any advice on this mixed-feeling-of-resonance I'm in with Savor?
  • Did I tell you I'm completing my Co-Active coaching certification?  I am and wow, do I love learning and getting to use my coaching skills right away with coachees.  My coach training is hands-down the best training or degree I've earned to date.  Sorry, Michigan State, University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins.  Y'all are lovely, but for impact, coach training rules.
  • I am loving your Hello, Strategies purchases - thank you!  It means so much to Jackie + my hard work.  For you nickel lovers, we have another 1,000 nickels arriving next week!  Have you purchased yours yet?  Oh, you must!! (insert peer pressure emoji here)
In closing (to sound super official and grown-up), I'm having an eclectically great time this winter with only a splash of crabbiness thanks to no-Colorado.  How are you, friend?