Intuition Challenge Wrap-up

A week ago, I challenged myself to (another) 7-day intuition challenge.  You can read more about what-the-heck an intuition challenge is here, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my learning burnings about my second, 7-days of Operation Intuition Over-ride.

Which is exactly what listening to your intuition provides.  It overrides any of the noise you have going on in your head & mind.  All of those stories you spin for yourself and think others are thinking are gone when your intuition speaks.

7-day Intuition Challenge Wrap-Up

Learning Burning #1:  My interpretation of my intuition speaking is like the photo above.  That photo is made up of thousands of little thumbnails of photos taken on my iPhone over a year.  Of course, you can't really see the individual photos as they are blurred.  Just one area is clear.  That's intuition.  It is clear and exacting.  Intuition doesn't mess around.  It speaks the truth without clouding or sugar-coating anything.  No beating around the bush with intuition.

Learning Burning #2:  The dictionary definition of intuition often includes a phrase like this, "...the power of knowing even without proof or evidence."  Intuition doesn't care about data or evidence. If you are one of those people who likes to measure what's going on around you - in hard numbers - intuition will be your nemesis.  Unless, of course, you embrace intuition and the power of knowing without a single shred of evidence why that knowing is 100% true.  Intuition is like those perfect SAT scores you read about.  No mistakes are made; every answer it gives is accurate and true.

Learning Burning #3:  You can't boss intuition around.  So many times during the week, I would ask my intuition a question and instead of answering my question, it answered its own.  For example I asked one night, "What should I do about that new product I want to develop with Jackie for Hello, Strategies?" Instead of answering my question, intuition told me to pet Jedi.

Yep.  You heard me.  Go pet my dog.  It's almost as if intuition knows that there is a time and place for everything.  After a long day - so much thinking & creating - my intuition knew it was time to stop and take care of me and connect with the ones I love.  No more "new product" thoughts, but instead, go be with your dog.  So simple.  And so I did because of this challenge. 

Learning Burning #4:  I'm certain social media - Instagram and Facebook specifically - don't impact my life deeply, but instead deplete my time-on-task.  Every single time I asked my intuition a question when I was on social media, it would say, "Go do XYZ."  Never once did it tell me to stay on any social media platform and cruise around.  In fact, I just asked my intuition what it thinks of social media in general.  It answered, time waster.  Ha!  As I type this, I am now thinking about how to enjoy the inspiration and connection I find through social media yet balance that with the other areas of my life I want to nurture, but do so less when my time is depleted on social media.

My intuition just told me to just do it.  Less time on social media, more time with the people I love and the projects that I am passionate about.

Wise intuition....

How did your 7-day #intuition challenge go?