Getting Stuff Done from Another Perspective

Once again, the topic came up in my life, how do I get so much done?  You know my thoughts about this from this blog post, but let's have another perspective, my co-author + friend + colleague, Dr. Jackie Gambone.  I knew so much about Jackie before we wrote Hello, Teaching Strategies together and launched our brand, but OMG!  I am so amazed at how quickly Jackie gets stuff done.  It's insane how quickly.  She makes me look like a snail.

Get Stuff Done with Dr. Jackie Gambone

When I asked Jackie her secret, here are a few tips to get stuff done she shared with me:
  1. Make a list of things that need to get done during a certain time period (i.e. for that week or that month).  Stick to your list and don't fall for shiny objects or activities that attempt to lure you away.
  2. Review your list and ask yourself how much time each task will actually take.   Plan ahead and use small (or large) pockets of time accordingly.
  3. Why put off until tomorrow what you can easily do today?  If a task isn’t too time consuming, just do it immediately! Then you can cross it off your list and move on. For example, you might put off calling to make an appointment, when in reality, it will only take a few moments to call and complete. Instead of putting it off, it could be checked off. Task done, easy peasy! - Jen: I must say, I've been doing this one lately a lot and wow, the small things aren't even making it to my to-do list.  They are done!
  4. Find the things on your list that are a bit more time-consuming and schedule in a few steps -baby steps - towards completion of that task each day. This helps the task remain manageable and might even make doing the task more fun. Imagine that!  

Bottom-line, we, as humans, tend to procrastinate (see more about procrastination here). However, imagine how much more accomplished we would feel to bang out a lengthy to-do list in a shorter amount of time. So gratifying! 

Jackie, I couldn't agree with you more!  Thanks for the tips!

What are your tips to get things done, fabulous blog reader?  

Jen (+ special, amazing, co-author, awesome Dr. Jackie Gambone)