How we designed the logo for Hello, Strategies

Jackie and I needed a logo for all of our new products and ebook at Hello, Strategies.  So, I used what I always use to DIY my own graphics because I think I am a faux graphic designer (what for it...): PicMonkey!

I've blogged about my love for PicMonkey for years now - like my favorite fonts on PM, how to prepare photos for engineering prints, and my favorite, cloning out stuff you don't want in photos.  I love PicMonkey so much that each year when my $25 paid subscription runs out, I email PM and kindly ask, since I blog so much about PM, would you be willing to offer me a free paid subscription? They have said yes twice now.

You can, by the way, use PM for free.  I just like the paid subscription because then I can have access to all of the premium fonts and features.

It was a no-brainer for me, Jackie, and the Hello, Strategies logo. Use PicMonkey!

So, I did.  Plus, I used two of my favorite fonts:  Amatic Small Caps and Thirsty Script Bold.  I could have a love affair with either or both of those fonts.

I also used PicMonkey to layout the colorful card fronts for both decks of cards.  I love that the color palette on PM seems endless for designing and yet, I can be so specific about color choice.

I also created the artwork for our thank you postcard on PM.  When you purchase one or more decks of cards or a wooden nickel bundle, you'll receive this fun postcard-sized artwork to hang on your bulletin board, fridge or computer.  I don't want to give it all away, but there is a message from Jackie and I on the other side of this postcard.

Just when you think I can't make one more thing on PM, voila, all of the website graphics for Hello, Strategies were made on PicMonkey!  Yep. Every. single. one. of. them.  PicMonkey is that versatile.

Do I sound like a PicMonkey cult member?  Yes.  Do I think PicMonkey is easier to use than Photoshop, yet just as awesome for my needs?  Absolutely.  Do I think I will continue to use PicMonkey and evangelize it?  Why, sure!  That is, if you don't mind hearing more about my PM creations.  Ha!

PicMonkey addicted, for sure,



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