Big Announcement!

It's been a little quiet lately on Upcycled Education.  I've had a few projects up my sleeve.

One of the biggest projects?  We have a new ebook.  We have a new website.  We have a new brand. We have three new products.  And by we, I mean me and Dr. G - a good friend of Upcycled Education for years from guest blogging.  Dr. G is also a great friend and colleague of mine (and just gave birth to Baby Savannah!).

Say hi to our new brand and website, Hello, Strategies!  Like our new logo?

Hello, Strategies is home to our new 98-page ebook, Hello, Teaching Strategies: 50+ strategies to deepen learning & turn up awesome.  This ebook is perfect for new teachers, college professors, and veteran teachers who want a fresh assortment of teaching strategies. Homeschool parents, you'll dig this ebook, too, as we've taken all of the prep work out for you to free up your time.

Our sister product for the ebook, Hello, Question Cards, is also available.  You are TOTALLY going to want this deck of 40, critical thinking question cards for your classroom or to gift to your favorite educator or homeschool parent.  Plus, the cards are color-coded to facilitate easy pair or small group work. This is the product Dr. G and I wished we had when we started teaching. Now, we have it. Hurrah!

We even created a deck of cards to help destress, be more reflective, and push through life's ups and downs.  This deck is called, Hello, Coaching Cards.  It features a spa palette that is soooo soothing to the eyes and 40 coaching questions to start any day with intention or smooth out a rougher day.  I would say this deck of cards is ideal for busy parents, educators, and other adults or young adults; I'm now thinking it would be fantastic to have a coaching deck of cards for young people - like Miss O's age (note to self:  Create product #4 in our free time; did you hear that Dr. G?).

Here's another shot of the Hello, Coaching Cards.  I now carry this deck of cards in my purse for when I want to break-down what's going on in my head or what's happening around me.  I am carrying the Hello, Question Cards in my school bag since that deck is more for teaching and learning.  Shhh, don't tell my coaching clients, but this deck of cards is their welcome gift!  Isn't that fun?

You might remember I received a wooden nickel that said YOU ARE AWESOME when I was in Portland at a conference.  Since the organization who produced the nickels wasn't selling them, Dr. G and I decided to make our own.  You can buy a bundle of 25 nickels here and join us as we inject more awesome into the world.  Plus, Dr. G and I had a crazy idea, wouldn't it be cool to see where the nickels end up and their impact on others?  So, we created a nickel tracking database.  If/when you receive a nickel, you can go to Hello, Strategies and share your nickel story with us.  I just peeked at the results so far and let me just say, I am moved!  I know how meaningful it was to me to receive a wooden YOU ARE AWESOME nickel from a stranger and now, others are saying the same thing - they are moved, too! Seriously, go buy your bundle of nickels now.  The world needs 'em pronto.

If you could be in the same room with me or Dr. G (let's start calling her by her first name, Jackie), you would 100% feel the energy and enthusiasm we have for Hello, Strategies.  We both are so excited for you to get your hands on our new products and ebook because we know they will move you forward, deepen learning with your students and turn up awesome in just about all facets of your life.  Plus, everything is high quality and priced so reasonably - two of my favorite descriptors for new products.

Please let me know what you think of Hello, Strategies.  And since you've made it to the end of this looooooong blog post, here's a code for 25% off your ebook purchase:  AWESOME2016.

Let's turn up awesome together, ok?  Feel free to forward this blog post to a friend.

With much love and excitement,