Life Updated: Early Fall Edition

I'm usually not a fan of fall - too much change and craziness coming off of a mellow summer - but this fall I'm feeling it in a really good way.  Here's what's been happening in my neck of the woods....

  • Since I finally chose a word for 2015 - FUN! - I've been working new fun experiences into my life like spending more time outdoors (1-2 hours is my daily goal) and saying yes to fun experiences for my family like Climb Zone (pictured above).
  • Apparently I'm sharing FUN with Miss O.  She said aerial class is the most FUN activity ever! I am raising a future Cirque du Soleil star.
  • On the FUN wagon, Jedi keeps me grounded and in the moment.  How will that dog ever know how much I adore him?  He is life-changing to me and my family in the best possibly way.  
  • I had the BEST time at Tarrant County Community College (in TX) and Calvert School (in MD) delivering two different keynote addresses and workshops.  If you want to know what beautiful, preK-12 school grounds look like, Calvert could be a magazine spread.  The school buildings and grounds are that gorgeous.  Plus, couple that with awesome teachers and leaders and voila, you have the formula for school success.
  • On a deeper note - ha! - do you have a fall uniform?  I think I have mine. This flannel and these pants.  Not together.  Kudos to Costco!
  • Could someone please stop time?  Lil O is now Miss O and growing up at warp speeds.
  • Since I appear to be growing up too (read: aging), I'm going to start taking better care of my skin.  I've heard so many wonderful things about R + F (they make Proactiv) that I bit the bullet and just purchased the Redefine starter kit from here.  Thanks, Shannon, for steering me in the right direction!  
  • See that middle artwork up above in the photo collage?  The "She dreamed she could and she did?"  I have some fun career news to share with you soon.  Very, very soon :)
Happy Fall, friends, and tell me....what's happening in your neck of the woods?