Purpose-Based Learning

As you know from my last post, life purpose is on my mind.  This week, I have a meeting related to life purpose + education, so I thought I would dig deeper.

In education, we have all types of learning:
  • Discovery Learning
  • Project-Based Learning (or PBL)
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Experiential Learning (aka: Experiential Education)
  • Active Learning
  • Hands-on Learning
Where is Purpose-Based Learning?  

What if learning, college majors, and degree programs where tied to a student's life purpose and core values?  What if we followed what Stanford 2025 recommends and students declared a mission, not a major?  What impact would learning with purpose have on a student's interest, motivation, goal completion, and ultimately, what would be the impact on the world? 

Would learning be more meaningful?  Would life be more meaningful?  Would we have more fulfilled and joyful humans?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this: Purpose-Based Learning.  I'll give an example of what this new PBL might look like in my PS comments below.   Read on if this interests you.  It sure interests me.


PS - What would Purpose-Based Learning look like for me?  My current life purpose is to matchmake ideas with the right audiences.  If I was hoping to earn another college degree in this purpose, my program of study - to support my life purpose - might include the following courses related to:
  • Anthropology and sociology - to help me better understand people and their needs
  • Psychology - for the same reason
  • Communication - to grow my skills to relate to different audiences
  • Business - to learn how to market my ideas and manage my matchmaking endeavors
  • Accounting - to learn how to manage the financial side of my small business of matchmaking
  • Mindfulness - to help me manage the stress involved with learning something new and being courageous enough to actually live my life purpose
  • Web design and/or coding - in this century, I'm really going to need to embrace technology (website design, social media, blogs, etc.)
  • Graphic design - I like things to look pretty :)  Don't you?
  • Physical education - more stress relief
  • Other courses I might want to take to support my mission, not major:  Economics, Public Policy, and definitely more coaching classes from CTI
Ok, what are your thoughts on Purpose-Based Learning?