Tools for 2015: Let's Do This!

Breckenridge, CO - awesome!

If you are like me and are still processing 2014, but ready to embrace 2015 and all it's goodness, see what you think of these lovely tools and "helpers" to kickstart your new year:

  • I am loving this free workbook to process 2014 and delve into 2015.  It's like having a life coach, but made of paper.
  • Speaking of life coach, Sue continues to rock and starting off 2015 with a free coaching session with her is even better than the workbook above.  Too date, every single person I've sent her way has found coaching with her valuable.  Click here to link to her website and tell her I sent you - she'll take great care of you.
  • I downloaded this Passion Planner the other day (sounds risque, doesn't it?).  I don't know if I will use it, but I like the concept.  I also like this planner was born from a Kickstarter campaign.  I dig crowdfunding.
  • I keep wishing Elise's new Get to Work Book was available.  That is the #1 reason why I'm so hesitant to embrace another planner.  I want hers to be available.  Now.  In the meantime, you can purchase her $4 habit tracker download.  I love the layout of this.  
  • My cousin uses a planner by Erin Condren and I must say I am totally intrigued.  It is like a planner and creative project in one.  See what you think here.  If I wasn't waiting for Elise's planner to come out (in the spring, I think), I would purchase one of Erin's.   Thanks, Cousin Kathy for sharing your planner with me!  
This might surprise you, but I still like to kick it old-school and use a paper calendar.  I'm digital just about everywhere else in my life, but paper calendars are still my jam.

What tools and helpers do you use?

I'm curious on this rainy day....