Brave Lessons: The Wrap-Up

My Own Little Word - Brave 2014

I would have totally forgotten the year of Brave was wrapping up, but then I saw some of my favorite bloggers choosing their new word for 2015 here and here.  2015?!  Is it here already?

Here's what I've learned about Brave and here are my thoughts on next year's word(s):
  • Brave, you suited me well.  I needed you throughout the year in different situations and with different projects (like writing a book).  You were an encouraging sidekick to me.  
  • There were times where I could have renamed Brave to other words like Bold or Confidence. Now, that I am typing that, I think all three words come from the same word family.  Would you agree?
  • Brave is all relative.  My Brave is different than someone else's Brave.  Perhaps, the bigger lesson here is that all things, situations, and challenges are relative & person dependent.  It reminds me of that idiom, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  LIFE is in the eye of the beholder, too.
  • I loved how Bravery found me in places I least expected - the kitchen (hence, my new cast iron skillet pictured above), on the trails, and even in my workouts.  Since October, I've added four mini-workouts a week into my fitness repertoire (they are roughly 20 minutes long).  Those are in addition to my regular hikes, walks, and trail runs that I do with Jedi.  I can see the micro-differences those mini-workout additions have made.  In fact, noticing those micro-differences fuels me to keep going in 2015 with my mini-workouts of the Dailey Method.  Here's to Brave fitness and not giving up!
  • Now, that 2015 is upon me, what will my next word be?  
  • I'm also thinking I might abandon one word and go for a phrase in 2015.  
What words or phrases do you suggest?  Do you have a word (or phrase) to keep you focused for 2015?  I'd love to hear....

Happy New Year to you!  



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