We All Need One of These

JBL clip speaker

Mr. UpCyclist and Lil O are running their first 10K race this month.  In order to listen to their playlist on the run, Mr. U purchased the cutest JBL speaker to hook to his running pack ($49.95).  See?  Isn't it so adorable?  The speaker is bluetooth ready or you can physically plug it into your device.  The speaker also has a built-in carabiner; you can hang it off a pack or lanyard easily.  Not that you plan on wearing the speaker around your neck.  But, you could and rock the 1980's.  Mr. U told me the battery lasts for five hours.

JBL clip speaker built-in carabiner

The speaker is a little bigger than the iPhone 4 and not as big as the iPhone 6 length-wise.  I love how round and chubby it is.

What a fun gift, right?  So great for work & the classroom, cool for a picnic, and awesome for a 10K run.

Go treat yourself or a friend!  You can find the JBL Clip Speaker here.

xo and Happy Sunday,

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