Bracelet, text, Upcycled Education

Fall is in the mid-Atlantic air.  The trees haven't quite read the email, time to change your colors.  I just finished my first full chapter - 6,200 words later.  I need a tee that reads, embrace the first draft. Meanwhile, this is what's open in my browser (which is my clever way of procrastinating or celebrating)....

Could someone please open one of these near me?

Word Hippo is my new BFF.

You've heard of the Slow Food Movement.  How about Slow Education?  Thanks, Christina!

My 8-year old self would do cartwheels for this subscription service.

I needed to read this.  Especially the butt in chair part.

Heading to NYC soon for a conference.  I'm going here for sure.

I'm a sucker for pumpkin and anything chai-related.  Plus, how awesome is this photography?

The weekend is a-comin'!  My mom is in town and we have some fun plans.

Enjoy yours,