Way of Life

Early morning hike with Jedi in Breckenridge

Every morning around 6-6:30am, I take Jedi on a morning hike, swim and stroll.  This morning, we met a guy from Pennsylvania who is in Breckenridge on business.  The guy was so happy to be out in the morning hiking.  He said he didn't pack hiking shoes because he didn't think he'd have time to hike, but when he realized he would, he went out the night before to purchase new shoes in town.

What I loved about our early morning exchange, besides his enthusiasm for the mountains, was he totally got it.  Being outside.  Enjoying the trails.  Getting lost in the beauty of the mountains.  That is the way of life around here.  There is no "exercise."  Hiking, walking, biking, and moving are just a way of life in towns like Breck.  Those activities are just that - activities.  Not exercise.  Not separate from life.

They are life.

So, if you are wondering where I am.  Why my blog posts are so sporadic or you can't find me easily. It is because I am living life.  And I'm incredibly grateful for it.