Still Here

Hiking in Breckenridge; Black Powder Pass

Is it just me or are those clouds above totally fake looking?  They aren't.  But, really, Mother Nature. You are such a lovely show-off.

I'm actually blogging in real-time right now.  Jedi is passed out on the couch after our two-hour hike this morning under the fake clouds above.  I love this hiking area so much I want to go back tomorrow.  Lil O is watching the Disney Channel - Austin and Ally to be exact.  Just keeping it real.

In my effort to just be, blogging has taken a backseat.  It's hard to just be when I am writing a blog post for the future, which is why I am typing this and will hit "publish" immediately.   Past that, I have life things to do - food shop, laundry and visit the tiny library here.  I am hooked on libraries.  I believe they are one of the greatest inventions of humankind.

Dr. Irwin - a contributor to Upcycled Education and a dear, dear friend - is coming to our place in Colorado for the weekend to visit.  I have so much I want to talk about with her I am considering drafting an agenda.  Can you believe that?  I want to draft a weekend agenda.  Luckily, she's the one friend who would totally dig that - all my talking points outlined.

Jedi is now making his way to his new favorite spot, the bathroom.  I think he likes small, dark spaces to rest. Lil O is rifling through the fridge looking for lunch.

Cue motherhood.