Stealthy Around Here

Car Testing in Colorado

Every summer in Colorado we see cars like the one above.  Cars completely covered and disguised.  I had zero idea about why until I mentioned it to Mr. UpCyclist.  I swear, that guy knows just about everything there is to know about cars.

And apparently car testing.

Since our place is nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 9,000+, car manufacturers will test new cars (actually, future models of cars) in our area.  In doing so, the car companies can analyze how their cars handle high altitudes, cold temps, mountain roads, etc.  Every insignia on the cars is hidden.  In fact, we recently saw a test driver get out of a test car and he even covered the dashboard, so no one would see the make/model/design.

Stealthy, no?  

Mr. UpCyclist also told me the drivers are sometimes called car mules.  I wonder what that job is like driving around all day in a secretive, fabric wrapped car in such gorgeous places.  Actually, if the car was mod podged with fabric, I might be totally into it.

Happy Weekend, lovely blog reader - see you on the other side,