Living Like a Local

Train playground in Breckenridge

When we travel or spend the summers in Breckenridge, we try to embrace the mantra, live like a local. For us that means, taking advantage of local spots, events, festivals, and amenities.  A few that come to mind this summer include....

  • Hearing the local orchestra play (and bringing our badminton set to play on the lawn while we listen).
  • Attending the ribbon cutting for a new train playground (photo above). Breck has a rich history of trains and mining.  We may have also enjoyed cake, cookies and lemonade while we were there ;)
  • Working or volunteering at our favorite shops like the Fresh Soap Company or Breck Bike Guides.  
  • Checking out books from the local library and participating in library happenings.
  • Going to local festivals or events.  Recently, Lil O and I went to our first hip hop competition in the mountains.  An all girls crew won called the Janes; those girls were so impressive.
  • Enjoying local fundraisers.  We have two coming up - one for Francie's Cabin (which makes me think of my mom, Fran) and the other for Domus Pacis, which provides free vacation housing to families who are battling a terminal health issue.
The secret to living like a local, in my opinion, is three things:

1.  Stay one place long enough to feel like a local.  I think a week or more can do the trick.
2.  Tap into the community by reading the local newspaper daily or talking to locals about what they enjoy.  In Breckenridge, I literally read the local newspaper daily and find most of my gems in there.
3.  Be open to the "local lifestyle," which typically means being unrushed.  That part is great for me this summer since I am working on living in the present moment.

What are your thoughts?  Do you like to live like a local sometimes?  If so, what are your tips to do so?

All the best,