Life Updated: The Spell Edition

I finally figured out what's going on.  I'm in a spell.  The Breckenridge Spell.  Here's what my family and I have been up to in my spell-like trance of just being in the moment....
  • Hiking.  Oh man, have we've been hiking.  I think we are up to at least four new big hikes this summer as evidenced by the natural-esque photos above.  Three of the hikes were spectacular. Just one was a dud.
  • Laundry.  Got to keep it real, right?  I was totally dreading going to the laundromat until Lil O proclaimed, "This is so much fun!"  Don't you just love a child's perspective?  It was fun because she was with me and because we had a laundry snafu and flooded part of the laundromat floor. Long story, but washing waterproof mattress protectors is harder than I thought.
  • Totally off topic, but we went to an RV show two days ago.  I figure we need to get ready for 2017 at some point.  Anyway, I couldn't believe how many RVs have washers and dryers. Without exaggeration, most of the RVs were more elaborate than our current homes.
  •, Lil O, Mr. UpCyclist and I really, really, really, really want an RV.  I am obsessed with a home on wheels.  Obsessed.  Lil O and Mr. U want a giant RV.  I want a modest-sized one.  We will see how that story turns out.
  • We took a two-day trip to Denver to pick up Mr. UpCyclist from the airport.  He needed to work in Maryland, so we were without him for a couple of weeks.  He has returned.  We enjoyed Denver (saw our cousins and good friends) and now are back in Breckenridge - apparently, sipping drinks together like cheesy newlyweds.  Ha!  We do love this semi-new taco restaurant in Breck.  Yum.  Even Jedi enjoys it.
  • Shockingly, I've barely done any crafting this summer - it's that Breckenridge Spell thing again. However, Molly came over recently and we started a little DIY project.  We still have more to do.  The project is in this genre in case you are interested.
  • I decided not to attend the John Denver tribute concert (it was a fundraiser). Why, you ask?  I am a huge JD lover and I knew I would cry the entire concert - or at least for most of it.  Lil O was curious about why I would cry and all I could say was:  1) JD songs completely remind me of growing up and attending camp in North Carolina.  2) I miss camp; I have SO many fond memories of my ten years there.  3) Since JD passed away over a decade ago, I realize the bittersweetness of life.
But, to make me smile, I did go listen to the faint sound of the concert while Lil O, Jedi and Mr. UpCyclist played on the lawn next to the venue.  It was the right combination of hearing JD and letting tears well in my eyes without feeling embarrassed about them.

About crying:  One of my coaching instructors told me crying mean "there's something important there."

I agree.  There is something important there.

How's your summer?