Life Updated: Off We Go Edition

Hello, there.  Happy Summer!  I just realized.  I usually take a blogcation in May or June.  This year I did not.  I must of had so much to write about between my sabbatical announcement for the fall, the coaching workshop with Sue, the launch of my new website, and the fun podcast with Elise.

Life has been lovely, busy, jam-packed and totally great.  Maybe I'll take a blogcation in July especially since Sue challenged me in our last coaching call to go tech free for a bit.  Hmmmm.....

In the meantime, June has been superb.  Here's what's been happening....
  • Katy Perry!  Lil O enjoyed her first "big" concert with her best friend (I got to tag along, too!).  I must say, Katy Perry put on a great show.  I love that she kept the show PG rated and uber- theatrical.  I also appreciate that while in Washington, DC, she took advantage of the sights and her connections as you can see in her IG feed.  Lil O is now officially a Katy Cat.  Meow.
  • In honor of such a big first, we tried hair tinsel in Lil O's hair.  I bought the tinsel on Etsy here and used this video to learn how to knot it.  It looks soooo cool.  Though, I need to work on my knotting skills.  Over half the tinsel has slid out when the tinsel is supposed to stay in for 2-6 weeks.  I shall practice more!
  • Isn't Jedi such a lover?  Look at him up above waiting for Lil O outside the dentist office.  And then, there's the photo of him sound asleep amidst a mass of pillows and blankies on our roadtrip.
  • Roadtrip!  Woot, woot!  I'm blogging from Colorado today.  Get ready for a deluge of mountain photos on Instagram.  Breckenridge is as lovely as it usually is.  There's more snow on the peaks than normal, an assortment of the coolest RVs everywhere I look, and we finally have a Whole Foods nearby.  If we get a Trader Joe's here, I might have to move. Wink, wink.  Though I might be serious.
  • Oh, and let me tell you about our Whole Foods.  First, I am a Whole Foods fanatic.  I literally seek them out when we travel.  I've been to many including the Austin flagship store and the largest Whole Foods in the US outside Chicago.  I really am a fan.  Second, the new Whole Foods near Breckenridge is delightful and totally clever.  It has a bike repair station out front; yep, you can work on your bike using their tools, bike stand and tire pump.  Inside, it has a retired gondola car that has been converted into a table and booth.  Lil O and I can't wait to have lunch inside it. And the decor inside and out incorporates skis, snowboards, and old sails (from the nearby sailboats on Lake Dillion).  This store is so beautiful to look at in every possible way.  It also is semi-affordable when I stick with their 365 brand. Ahhh.....
How's your summer going?