Jedi Meets a Relative

Our second day in Breckenridge, a woman stopped us and said, "Your dog looks just like my dog." Being so curious, we asked if we could meet her dog.

What do you think?  Are these two long lost relatives or what?  (forgive the grainy photo)

Here's Marble giving Jedi a hug.

I can't get over the similarities.

Altitude headache:  If you saw my post on Instagram, you know I had a brutal altitude headache.  I usually feel icky for about 3-4 days when we arrive in Breck because it is soooo high here - 9,600 ft.!  The ickiness usually includes a mild headache, lethargy, and constant thirst.  This time, I felt all those things, but the headache - oh, the headache - was awful.  It just wouldn't subside.  Knock on wood, I am over the hump.  I woke this morning without a headache, only mild thirst and just a touch of lethargy.  You wouldn't know it from all the things I've been doing to distract myself - light hiking, going to the dog park, working at the Fresh Soap Company, swimming, and walking around town.  BUT, my family will tell you I'm a grouch-a-saurus. I love to read and just last night, I could finally pick up a book and see straight.  Whew.  Fingers crossed the altitude headache & sickness ends today; It is Day 4 after all.

Plus, Cousin A arrives!