Drum Roll Please for Today's Yes Day

Yesterday, we went on an awesome hike as evidenced by the photo above.  Lil O, by the way, is studying the stem of a wildflower while she walks.

(drum roll, please)

Today is Lil O's Yes Day.

You remember Yes Days, right?  The day where I have to say Yes to everything Lil O desires.

EVERYTHING (luckily, she's such a cool kid and doesn't seem to go too, too overboard with her demands).

Her first Yes Day was documented here.  Last year, we did it up with a Yes Day here.  Lest not forget my first and only Yes Day here.  If you are wondering about my Yes Day last summer, I decided I didn't need a Yes Day because the entire summer felt like a Yes Day to me.

Think good thoughts for us today.  Heck, think good thoughts for me!

Here's to Yes!



PS - In case you are concerned about our other child, we are planning a Yes Day for Jedi, too!