Summer and Upcycled Education

I was so impressed about two months ago when one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, announced they would be cutting back on their weekly blog posts.  As professional bloggers, they used to blog once or twice a day, but with the birth of their second child and other projects in the works, they knew that schedule wasn't doable for a good work/life balance.

Following their lead, I am cutting back, too.  As you may or may not know, I announced some pretty big projects in the podcast with Elise.  My college supported my sabbatical request and thus, this fall I will take off a semester from teaching to write a book on engaging adult learners.  When I leave my college for the summer, I will not return until 2015.  Part of that feels bittersweet, though I am uber-excited about the book and my research.

Adding more kindling to my life's creative fires, Lil O and I are launching a mom-daughter business called Olive and Jen.  We will spend a good part of the summer learning about business, marketing, sourcing supplies, and manufacturing as we hope to offer some neat - mostly hand-crafted - products in the fall.  I keep thinking, I don't want Lil O to wait until she's an adult to learn those business skills, so we are going to explore them now.

You will notice a bit less of me this summer and into the fall on this blog as I get my work/life balance adjusted.  Of course, if you are on Instagram, you can find me there easily.  I generally post photos and captions 4-7 times a week - more than I do on Facebook or any other social media outlet.  I heard someone once call Instagram "micro-blogging."  That I can do.  Micro will work for me!

Before I go, thank you.  Just taking the time to check in on this blog, me, reading this from your inbox or stopping by Upcycled Education means so much to me.  I am grateful for this space and awesome readers like you.