Celebrating Molly

There are so many people doing so many neat things in the world, this new series Celebrating Others will do just that.  Celebrate all the good, creative, and lovely.  You can find past celebrations here and here.

At least four years ago, our great friend, Sarah, in Breckenridge introduced us to Molly.

Oh, Molly.

She's the kind of person you like immediately.  The kind of person who is not only smart, a go-getter, and awesome, but kind and big-hearted, too.  Through her work in Summit County, Colorado, she has helped hundreds of high school students find their way to college and be successful while they are there.  Most of her students are first generation college goers.  

I can tell you every. single. time. I am with her (or Lil O or Mr. UpCyclist is with Molly) we laugh and laugh.  Literally, I will get off the ski lift with a belly ache from laughing so hard.  Molly is just that kind of person that when you are with her, you feel alive.  You feel valued.  And you wonder why the entire universe can't be made of Mollies.

Oh, the thought of a Molly universe makes me smile from ear-to-ear.

I am not the only Molly admirer in the world, gratefully.  Lil O saw the photo above about three weeks ago - a photo Molly posted on Instagram celebrating Team Upcycled Education and cycling in the Rockies.  Lil O struck a Molly pose for herself (below).  If Lil O has an ounce of Molly in her, I will thank all the stars in the universe.

Lil O; Team Upcycled Education

I bet you have a Molly in your life.  If you do, celebrate her.  If not, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.  She's out there. And she's totally amazing.

Celebrating Molly,