Soap, Colorado, Two Wins!

A few weeks ago, our friend and long-time blog supporter, Kim from the Fresh Soap Company in Breckenridge, CO ran a contest on her Facebook page.  The contest was to guess how much her Chip Off the Block soap weighed.

The Chip of the Block soap is Kim's clever way of using up all the leftovers from her soap making. After making a batch of soap, she basically pours any odds & ends into a giant mold and for over a year, it accumulates in size.  When she finally unmolds it, she has this massive chunk of a soap.

This year, Kim ran a Facebook contest to guess how much the soap weighed.  I guessed 33 pounds and apparently, was close - it was 29 pounds!  Can you imagine?  A 29-pound soap?!

For being one of the three closest guessers, Kim sent me two chunks of soap (pictured above).  Talk about happy mail!  Our shower smells delightful and my skin is sooooo soft.

Thanks, Kim :)



PS - Kim ships all of her soaps if you want to try a few of her lovely bars.  These are my absolute favorites:  Land of Milk and HoneyPut da Lime in da Coconut,  and Beer Soap.  But, really, all of her soaps are delightful and totally safe for face and showering.  And now that I think about it, perhaps you should visit her store in person.  This summer.  We can meet there, shop together and then go hiking in the Rocky Mountains together.  I will show you all of my favorite places.  Ahhhh......