My Very Favorite Necklace Right Now

State necklace from Cents of Style

Can you guess which state's shape this is?  Nope, not Florida.  Not Texas.  Not Maryland (which looked more like a gun than I was comfortable acknowledging).

It's one of my favorite states.  Actually, it is my favorite state.  Hello, Colorado!

I picked up this treasure on Groupon recently (or was that Living Social?).  With the deal, it was under $12.  It is not real silver or gold and I did trade out the 18" chain for a 16" one that I already had on hand, but man, am I in love with it!

If you want one for yourself (or a friend), you can purchase all the state necklaces on Cents of Style at the regular price $24.95 OR state necklaces are on sale at Jane! Click here for $9.99 pricing.  Go now as this sale will only last today!



PS - Doesn't Hawaii's shape look so crazy-cool?