My Favorite Airport Greeter

I'm pretty certain our family - Mr. UpCyclist, Lil O and I - would unanimously agree that flying home to Maryland and being greeted by Jedi at the airport is about as exciting as the actual trip itself.

Jedi is, by far, my favorite airport greeter.  If I offended former airport greeters, forgive me.  He is like a model citizen while he is there; look at his stately posture above.  He checks out everyone passing by, lays on the cold floor, and then, when he hears his whistle or name - watch out!  He'll bolt 50 yards to greet you.

His enthusiastic greeting not only warms my heart every. single. time, but, all the random airport onlookers totally smile, too.  It feels like a Hallmark movie come alive.

In love,


PS - Sometimes as the airport, random people will tell me that dogs aren't allowed.  Historically, as soon as someone says that, an airport police officer will come by and ask to pet Jedi.  Ha!