Life Updated: Colorful May Edition

Jen Lara May Collage

This May is sure looking different from most of my other Mays.  Here's what's happening.....
  • Painting!  Besides leading a girl scout badge night for painting, I've been fiddling around with my watercolors, again.  I made a set of notecards for myself that I love.  You know when you make something and you say to yourself, "Hey, I could sell those!"  That's how I felt about the notecards I painted.  I dig 'em.
  • I recently shipped my first order of stamps to Australia!  How neat that an educator across the Pacific found Upcycled Education's stamps.  I had to make that quickie garland above to send with the stamps.  By the way, last call for stamps.  The stamp shop will be closed for the summer very shortly.
  • Lil O recently spent four nights at a nature-based, sleep-away camp.  I missed her a ton, but I love how confident she's become.  My lil love is growing up.
  • Mr. UpCyclist is living up to his name this May.  Since he finished his first year of grad school, he is on his bike or running the trails around our county almost daily. I love seeing him in the Upcycled Education jersey pictured above.
  • Living outside DC means we are surrounded by history and cool monuments, museums, etc.  I am committed to visiting as many of those places as possible because I don't find them boring anymore.   And yes, admittingly so, I did used to find those places boring.
  • I'm part of a mommy swap.  More on that next week!  I must say, it makes me feel old-fashioned in the best way.
  • Lastly, I've been pushing myself to trail run more and more.  Jedi said he's quite pleased with that decision.
Happy Weekend - (and for those in the States), wishing you a reflective Memorial weekend,