Life Updated {Bye, bye April}

Dear April - You were an incredible month.

Your highlights included:
  • My birthday and growing older.  I finally feel like I am taking control of my life, not letting the day-to-day minutia push me around.  I think getting older can do that to a person, though this is a work-in-progress, I'm certain.
  • A glimpse of springtime: Mother Nature is really holding onto winter this year, isn't she?
  • Doodling!  I love to doodle and this spring, I informally want to expand my doodle skill set.  My journal is getting full.  I'm off to make thank you cards next.
  • Lil O is growing up and growing out.  I want to intentionally help her spread her wings and build relationships with awesome people - like our neighbor (and great friend), Laura.  I want her to be surrounded by strong, amazing women.
  • I rarely treat myself, but this spring I am splurging on fun things like new eyeglasses.  The ones above are from Whole Foods, plus some well-being swaps - more on that another day.
And before I forget!  Save the date!  Life coach, Sue is coming to Maryland!  She and I are hosting a 4-hour workshop on June 7th.  You must come!  More details to follow.  It will have a very coachy feel.

Bye, bye April,