Launched a New Website

Check out today's PS way down below.  It's one of the fun collaborations I was working on last week.  Now, onto today's post.....

The time has come.  I need something more than Upcycled Education.  This is one of the secret projects I've been working on, though I did ask a few innocent bystanders for feedback.  Thank you - if you were one of them.

Don't get me wrong, I love this blog.  But, my skill set has grown over the past decade.  My web presence needs to grow, too.  Thus, I launched

To develop the website, I crowdsourced which website builders were the most helpful and easy to use.  Though many people recommend Weebly's free option or purchasing a template off Etsy, I decided to use the website builder available at GoDaddy.  Since I use GoDaddy to buy my URLs, I thought, why not keep it easy and use their website builder for  Plus, I couldn't beat the price - $1/month for the first year.  $5.99/month every year after.  The builder is so easy to use and manipulate.  In fact, Lil O is learning how to build a website on GoDaddy's website builder right now as she and I have a special, mama-daughter project coming this fall.

And because I continue to be in love with PicMonkey, I had to alter my photo.  I call this Pirate Jen.

And this one is titled, Cindy Crawford Jen. See my new beauty mark?  

I'm having too much fun DIYing myself.

When you get chance, go check out  I'd love to hear your feedback.



PS - I'm chatting today about creativity with Elise Cripe on her podcast Elise Gets Crafty.  You can download the podcast here and visit her blog here.  If you aren't familiar with Elise, treat yourself.  She is bright, lovely, and creative, which I know for sure, because I gave her the TTCT - the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking.  We talk about her scores in the podcast and how to grow creativity.  I'm blushing as she calls me a creativity coach!  Too much fun.