Jedi and The Honest Kitchen

Force by The Honest Kitchen

Can you believe I have a crush on a pet food company?  I do.  First, it is not often I think this, but I totally could work for The Honest Kitchen based in San Diego.  They are my kind of company - honest, genuine, innovative, open-minded, and aware.  Second, they are one of the original cycling team sponsors for Upcycled Education's cycling team (last summer).  Remember how cute their logo is on our jerseys' sleeve here?

But, even more than my crush and their support of the cycling team, they are so kind to Jedi.  And if you want to penetrate my heart, be kind to the humans and animals I love.

Honest Kitchen goodies for Jedi

In exchange for giving The Honest Kitchen feedback on their blogger program, they sent Jedi this care package - a small sample of Pro Bloom, a nice-size box of Force, and a cookbook called Made Out of Love. 

Made with Love Pet Cookbook

I've made dog treats for Jedi in the past, but how fun does this look?  A puppalicious doggie birthday cake with a yogurt & bacon frosting!

A birthday cake for a dog recipe

If you want to try their dog food, but aren't ready to commit, The Honest Kitchen makes a 2-lb. starter box (that's the size they sent Jedi).  Since their food is dehydrated (you mix it like you do oatmeal) that 2 lbs. becomes 8 lbs. worth of food.  Yay!  Plus, as a treat for Jedi, I like to stuff his Kongs full of The Honest Kitchen's food and freeze them for him.

Happy dog.  Happy dog-mama.  And happy company.

Triple awesome,


PS - Big thanks to my contact at The Honest Kitchen, Kate and her sweet dog, Blue.  Kate even signed the letter she sent from Blue!  Ruff!

PSS - I mentioned this before, but did you see The Honest Kitchen on Sunday Morning?  What a great video highlighting them which further proves how fantastic this company is.