Crowdfunding I Can Get Behind

I am blessed with the super creative people in my life.  Sometimes, my local friends and college students will ask me, how do you get so much done?  Me?  You should see the people I surround myself with - near and far.

Two of my creative friends have launched crowdfunding campaigns.  I couldn't resist and supported both of them.

Campaign #1:  A dear friend from Denver, Leigh and her partner have launched a lifestyle company called Be Hippy. The spirit of Be Hippy encapsulates everything I adore about Colorado and the amazing energy of that state and its people.  Besides designing the softest tees, fun trucker hats, stickers, totes and jewelry, they are using IndieGogo to crowdfund for a VW bus to promote Be Hippy even more.  I had to give to that campaign.  Passion deserves support.

Campaign #2:   Sue's newest endeavor!  Writing children's books.  I mean really?  Could life get any better?  She will take all that good coaching energy & spirit, plus her two awesome dogs (as the main characters) and voila, she will be a published author.  She is just $1500 shy of her goal.  If you'd like to give to her Kickstarter campaign, please do.  I know she will be grateful.

No donation to either campaign is too small; every single dollar you give means these creative, amazing, courageous women will move forward with their dreams and turn them into reality.

Happy Weekend,


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