Weekend Plans

carnival tickets

Are you ready for the weekend?  I am.

What plans do you have?  Me?  I'm still debating, but on my possibility list includes:
  • A Smithsonian Sunday with Lil O
  • An Easter Egg Hunt
  • A trail run with Jedi
  • Drive Mr. UpCyclist crazy while he does his Ph.D. homework.  I'm good at being annoying.
  • Dance salsa with Mr. UpCyclist.  We are 18 days into our 30 day challenge.
  • Encourage Lil O to write her birthday thank you notes; they are only a month overdue.  Eek!
  • Buy something at REI - after all, I have two 20% off coupons
  • Wear my new moccasins (fingers cross they arrive today)
  • Work on a project with Lil O using that rainbow of ticket rolls pictured above
Have a fantastic weekend! See you on the other side.


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