Rate My Professors {for Tech Tuesday}

Rate my professors logo

I'm laughing that Rate My Professors is today's Tech Tuesday.  Here's the backstory....

Mr. UpCyclist is working on his Ph.D.  He has a not-so-great professor this semester, to say it mildly and kindly.  I asked him what his classmates thought about his professor.  He didn't know.  I said, Didn't you check him out on Rate My Professors.com? 

What?  He had never of that online resource before.  Geez, you can tell he's been out of college for a while.

So, doing the most romantic move possible on our date night, Mr. U checked out Rate My Professors on his phone.  His current, slightly-awful professor wasn't rated; Mr. U was thrilled to see his stellar graduate advisor had received positive reviews.

I'm not saying I totally agree with the ratings on Rate My Professors, but since I do have a chili pepper by my name, there has to be some truth in it, right?



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