Dear Moccasins

Dear Moccasins -

You and I were BFFs all through my childhood in the 1970s and 80s.  Remember how I would swoop you up at the Teepee Western Wear shop?  You were all white and shiny with those lovely beaded thunderbirds on the top? I wore you until there was no more wear left.

You never let me down.

Now, however, I've changed.  We've grown apart and apparently my little feetsies need more support not your soft sides and flat bottoms.  Funny how that is probably what I need in life - more support from those around me, near & far, friends & family, in-person & online.

I still think you are the coolest. I will still cherish our BFF days.  But, now, I must say goodbye to you and surround my feet (and self) with the best and most awesome support possible.