Celebrating Others

Make 29's Owner, Elisa Blaha Cripe
Photo credit from here.
There are so many people doing so many neat things in the world, this new series Celebrating Others will do just that.  Celebrate all the good, creative, and lovely.

To kick us off.....

I read two handfuls of blogs on a daily and weekly basis.  Elise's blog is one of my favorites as she combines art, craft, business, parenting, and lifestyle all in one.  This year, she started a new business venture called Make29.  Each month, she makes or designs something that is only sold in lots of 29 or 290 - limited editions, so to speak.

Elise is just two months into Make29 and both months, her items have sold out within a day or within hours.  You can read all about Make29 here.  She even made a neat video to launch it (I don't usually like videos on blogs, but this one is short and fun).

If you like to listen to podcasts, Elise just launched her own podcast series, Elise Gets Crafty.  Now, when I fold the laundry, I listen to her EGC podcasts and the folding zooms by.

Go, Elise!