Celebrating Mistletoe and Dr. H

There are so many people doing so many neat things in the world, this new series Celebrating Others will do just that.  Celebrate all the good, creative, and lovely.  Two weeks ago, we celebrating mom-blogger-crafter-entrepreneur, Elise, today, we move to a celebration in the medical field.

mistletoe in medical field

Here's the long story short....

Dr. Hinderberger - a Baltimore-based doctor who has treated our family before - recommended to one of his patients, who was battling liver cancer, a non-traditional treatment. Evidently, mistletoe (yes, from Christmas celebrations!) is used outside the US as a cancer treatment. Apparently, mistletoe is highly poisonous and semi-parasitic - a good substance to foil cancer's big plan.  You can read all about the mistletoe treatment and success - yay! - in this article.

Who knew the plant we all kiss under during the Christmas holidays would be so powerful and life-saving?

Today I'm celebrating Dr. H, his patient (who started a fantastic non-profit from her experience), magical mistletoe and for open minded medical practices.

We need more of those...open minded medical practices.