These Packages = Love

We are in the final week of our Rainbow Loom Project.  I say "our" because several people from around the globe have contacted me.  Others want to do a Rainbow Loom Project, too!  How awesome is that?

Lately, going to my PO Box feels like Christmas morning.  It is laced with lovely, soft packages of Rainbow Loom creations and monetary donations for AHOPE (which if you click here, you can donate to AHOPE, too...which would be amazingly lovely).  Each package contains a note - usually a handwritten note from a child - a child reaching across the globe to another child in Ethiopia.  How awesome is that?  Totally, totally, unbelievably awesome. 

It is amazing to me how one project and one incredible organization like AHOPE can bring people together - especially bring kids together.  I've received packages from Missouri, Maryland, Ohio, California, Florida, North Dakota, South Carolina, to name a few.  Some folks have just sent me a check for AHOPE - no Rainbow Loom anything - that's how supportive people are being.

I'm in awe.



  1. Dona Hightower PerkinsMarch 10, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    Ours from Texas are coming! Putting them in the mail in the morning. :)

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