Reflection Tools - My Ace

Last week, I taught a parenting class.  We talked all about the staying in the growth mindset and how to help others anchor to that mindset most.  I just realized I haven't blogged about that concept. Maybe soon?  I'm actually talking about that topic again today at a tech conference.

One of the best ways to anchor to the growth mindset is to be curious and reflective.  There's a problem with that.  Actually, there are two problems.  Problem #1:  Most public schools, college classrooms, and families are too hurried to allow enough time for curiosity and reflection.  To be curious and/or reflective takes time.  Unhurried time.  Problem #2:  Many adults aren't great at knowing how to encourage curiosity or reflection without being judgmental.

That's where reflection tools come in like the ones from Jennifer's website.  You can pepper in the tools at school or at home.  You can allot a small or large amount of unhurried time.  And, they keep us adults from being judgmental as the tools do most of the guiding and prodding.  Added bonus: They are tactile and colorful - lovely and didatic.

The Quotable cards pictured above are a new favorite of mine.  I used them recently with colleges students.  They brought out curious and reflective dialogue that class.  I think the same would be true for children and teens.

Do you have a favorite reflection tool you use?