Leadership Lesson {Principles of Legitimacy}

Today, I am presenting at a leadership conference.  Though, I don't think I will have time to cover today's leadership lesson, I think it is highly important to anyone in a position of power, which includes leaders, parents, teachers, and employers.

Malcolm Gladwell in his most recent book, David and Goliath, (affiliate link) describes three principles necessary to lead others effectively.  Without each of the three, you might as well plan for defiance, mutiny, or some really crabby children, teens, employees, or college students.

Do you include the following Principles of Legitimacy in your leadership, teaching, and/or parenting style?  People will follow your lead when.....
  1. Laws and rules are predictable and consistent.
  2. All groups and people are treated fairly and equally.  That means, no playing favorites.
  3. The people you lead have a voice and their voice is heard.
It sounds so simple, right?  I know when parenting Lil O, I often times will leave out #3 and make a decision for our entire family.  I'm learning that she has a voice and desires to be heard - just like an adult.  

When I look back at my favorite bosses and supervisors, they honor all of the Principles of Legitimacy.  I call this the leadership trifecta and it is soooo lovely to work with them.

How will you honor the three Principles of Legitimacy?  With your colleagues?  Students?  Children or teens?  What about your partner or significant other?