Honoring the Voices of Others

I just finished a weekend-long coaching training, I'll blog about that another time as I am still digesting it.  In the meantime....

I was driving recently and asked Mr. UpCyclist to make me a food shopping list and text it to me. I suggested he and Lil O plan out the meals for the week; something I normally do for the entire family.  After blogging about the Principles of Legitimacy, I thought, what better way to honor someone's voice - ask them to participate in something useful like planning our menus for the week?

The photo above is a version of the photo Mr. U texted me.  What I love about the menus he and Lil O planned is they are doable, family friendly, and honored their voices in such an easy, carefree way.

In case you can't read Lil O's handwriting, it looks like we will be having grilled cheeses (for lunch), hotdogs and sausages (for dinner), burgers, tacos, steak sandwiches (we all love Trader Joe's packaged "shaved steak"), breakfast for dinner (a family favorite!), pizza, and soup & dumplings.  I like to use the recipe from here for the dumplings - we sub in chicken instead of shrimp.  Wonton wrappers are my new best friend.

Another bonus when you honor others' voices, the buy-in and excitement from them is tremendous.

Whose voice will you honor today?  Yours?  Others?