Favorite iPad Apps of Lil O {for Tech Tuesday}

Lil O spins the tunes using edjing

After dinner at our house (and sometimes before dinner) can be a true mix of randomness. Well over a year ago, Lil O saved up and paid for half of an iPad.  Mr. UpCyclist paid the other half.  Sometimes I totally despise that piece of technology.  Other times, when Lil O is using the following apps, I enjoy it as the apps below encourage problem-solving, creativity, and music:

Video Star - Lil O is a music lover.  Really she is.  This app allows her to create the coolest music videos.  You should see the videos she produces.  They are time-consuming, creative and totally entertaining (to me, her and just about everyone else she shares them with).

Edjing - This app allows Lil O to mix, edit and spin her own tunes.  She's like a mini-deejay in training.  Plus, I like how this app makes her think ahead, pay attention to beats & rhythms, and be musically creative.

Sing! - For karaoke lovers, this app is hysterical.  You partner up with people from all over the world to sing duets.  I was concerned about the safety of this app, but so far, I'm not seeing anything fishy. I'll keep you posted if I do.

And just in case you want to see the randomness that happens sometimes all at once at our house, here you go.  An annotated photo....

What randomness looks like at our house

I so love this kid and all the randomness.