Coming for You

I just spent three days at a {life} coaching training in Washington, DC.  Seriously, I don't even know where to begin.

After my last three days of training, I wrote this post and shared how every molecule in my body had changed.  I think that happened again.  Every part of me has changed.

This course was on balance - life, work, relationship, any balance - and how to help myself and others achieve that. The tools and my new skills are incredible - which may sound completely arrogant - but, I am not kidding.  What I learned is life-changing and because CTI is masterful at teaching (more on that in a moment), I completely had the opportunity to hone my new skills and grow them.  I even used my new skills & tools on a coachee already; the coaching session was transformational for that person and I credit my CTI training.

Now, you know I am a trained educator - a teacher.  I take teaching, learning, and instruction VERY seriously.  Probably my highest compliment in the world is to say a training or class is well done and valuable.  CTI takes "well done" and "valuable" to a level that is nirvana-like. Never in my life have I attended not one, but THREE trainings/classes so thoughtfully crafted and 100% valuable to me and every single person I come in contact with in life.  I am not exaggerating when I say I can use these skills and tools at my college, with students, in my classes, with colleagues, with my family, in my parenting, in all my relationships, and the best part, I can assist others as they move forward in their own lives.

I cannot thank my college enough for supporting me in this training.  Lil O and Mr. U for giving me the thumbs up for taking off every few months for the three-days.  And for Sue, my incredible coach.  Oh, Sue.  I told you over a year ago I wanted your skills - I wanted to be a better listener, communicator, professor, wife, mother, family member, and friend.  You said, Go!  Go take the CTI classes.  You don't have to be a coach to take them.  

I am so grateful for you saying GO!  I am becoming a better me.

....Oh, and World, I'm coming for you!