Birthdays, Salsa Dancing, and Star Wars

As you know from yesterday's post (and the post before the weekend), we celebrated two birthdays this past weekend - Lil O and my mom's.  Now, it is time to wish my mom a very happy birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you more.

Those cakes, by the way, were made by my uber-talented mother-in-law.  She even handcrafted those fondant flowers herself.  If you missed her KFC cake, check it out here.  I mean, really?

Not to divulge too much steamy information, but Mr. UpCyclist and I met salsa dancing.  To get back to our roots, we are taking the "30-Day Salsa Challenge," which we totally made up.  We are going to dance one salsa song a day for 30-days - no matter the time of day or our energy level.  Gone are the days where I'd dance in heels and slinky outfits and Mr. U in button down shirts and his favorite Banana Republic pants.  Now, we embrace slippers, socks and pajamas.  Ha!  Here's to 30-days and honoring what brought us together.

Is it just me or do you think there's a lot of confused Lego people at our house?

Enjoying my spring break from home,


PS - We are still sifting through the Rainbow Loom Project packages.  I will share a full update on the blog next week.