19 Strangers, 3 hours, and $500

On Tuesday of this week, I blogged about my recent coach training.  Remember how every part of me has changed?

Well, I am not alone.  There were about 20 other people with me.  Twenty other people studying {life} coaching, too.  19 of them were strangers to me; I only knew Julie from AHOPE.

Those 19 aren't strangers anymore.

It just so happens I was bringing to Julie all the Rainbow Loom Project donations on the last day of our class.  I won't share the specifics of how many bracelets were donated at this moment, but tomorrow I will.  Let's just say, it is incredible.  You are incredible.

To make a long story short, our coaching classmates wanted to see the bracelets as most of them weren't familiar with Rainbow Looms (they must not have school-aged children, right?).  Julie and I shared the bracelets and the story behind them and AHOPE and the Rainbow Loom Project.  So much to share.

Then, something magical happened.

Our classmates started writing checks, diving into their wallets for cash, and visiting the ATM at lunch. By the end of class - three hours later - our classmates had given over $500 for AHOPE.


Those 19 strangers.  Those 19 people that neither Julie or I knew 48 hours before.  Those 19 new friends - coaches - showed what can happen when you give and care and want to change the world.

I am grateful for them, their giving, and for Julie - my passionate, talented friend,