You Rule Valentines {for Heart Week}

Thanks to fabulous student, CR, who sent me a ton of Valentine's Day ideas, Lil O had lots of choices of what kind of Valentines to make this year for school. Since Lil O is practical like me, she choose these "You Rule" valentines from Isadora at Relocated Living.

Aren't they adorable?  We ordered wooden rulers from this Amazon affiliate link (36 rulers for $13.00; we split the pack with Lil O's best friend).  They literally arrived in one day (and I'm not even an Amazon Prime user!).  We used the free printable from Relocated Living and printed the text on cardstock from Joann Crafts.  And with a gel pen we had at home, Lil O signed them.

You can find all the instructions and the printable at Relocated Living.  Thanks, Isadora and fab-student CR for the suggestion.

Happy Heart Week,