Want Me As Your {Life} Coach?

As you know from my post on Tuesday, one of my early 2014 goals is to take on a handful of {life} coaching clients.  I keep using the fancy brackets around {life} as some people are a little uncertain about what coaching is all about.  Here's my take....

My goal as a coach is to help my client (the coachee) move forward in life.  That could mean a bunch of different things to different people, but basically it means that my goal for you is fulfillment - in your relationships, work life, home front, your community, and the list goes on.  Sometimes coaching is about following a dream.  Sometimes coaching is about supporting the coachee through a rough transition or time.  Sometimes coaching is only about getting more out of life that you want.  Sometimes coaching is about getting unstuck.

Since I talk about my experience with Sue, my life coach, a zillion times on this blog, you know how much value our coaching sessions have brought to my life.  I am a totally better person, more patient, more thoughtful, and less hurried because of her.  I also think my success and level of joy has skyrocketed because of our coaching sessions together.  Even Mr. UpCyclist and Lil O comment on how I am "different" because of it.

I am ready to take on new clients as I know the benefits of coaching.  Want to join me?  Please :)

Contact me via email at jenglara at gmail.com and we can set up your first free appointment.  Why free for the first appointment? I want you to try coaching first and make sure it fits for you.  If coaching with me does fit for you, I will share with you the fees (around $50/session) and scheduling options.  And by the way, most coaching sessions take place over the phone!  You don't even have to be local to me.  In fact, to date, I have never seen Sue in person for a coaching session.  She and I make the magic happen over the phone.

If you are currently enrolled or work at my college, all of the above does not apply to you!  You get coaching from me for free as part of my work at the college - just contact me through my college email and we can set up an appointment during my scheduled office hours.

I can't wait to help you move the needle on your own life.  Trust me - this coaching stuff is magical.

Totally psyched to be your coach,

jenglara at gmail.com