Three Cool Ships

After reading Ashley Ann's post about Mercy Ships, I thought, what other ships do I admire?

Mercy Ships

Ship #1:  Mercy Ships.  Read Ashley Ann's post to learn more. Her friend volunteered on one of the Mercy Ships, so she had great interview questions for him.  I had no idea we had floating hospitals on the planet.  How cool is that?  You can also watch this 60 minute segment to learn more.  The photo above is from this link.

Ship #2:  Semester at Sea - This ship is a floating university affiliated with the University of Virginia. It is not inexpensive to float with them and earn 15 credits, but boy, would it be so neat.  Plus, check out their ports of call.  This ship is experiential learning come to life.  The photo above is from their website.

Ship #3:  Class Afloat - This high school & junior college travels the world on their giant sailboat.
I learned about them when I taught in Ecuador and always thought it would be a great ship to teach on and see the world.  Now, 14 years later, I still think that it would be a fabulous teaching adventure.  Maybe Lil O will want to learn on board and I could take a year and teach.  It, too, isn't inexpensive, so perhaps I could trade some teaching for Lil O's education.  Photo credit here.

All this ship talk reminds me of this quote I've always loved.  Beloved & Co. has done a beautiful job on this print.  You can order one here.

What ships do you like?  Educate me.



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