So Grateful

I feel like abundance has found me.  I am sooooo grateful for....

  • The outpouring of support for the Rainbow Loom Project.  The comments, emails, texts, and energy is incredible.  When the world can be so tricky at times, projects like these show how life should be - connected and lovely.
  • Surpassing my coffee date goal.  Thanks, Carey (coffee), Courtney (coffee), Shannon (dinner) and Erin (hiking)!  You four are good for my soul.
  • Small, quiet projects at home and work.  I told my friend, Laura, I am putting my energy in a "low wake" zone right now.  Have you ever been to a low wake zone on a boat?  That's me.  I need a bit of low energy to balance all the high energy of the past few days & weeks.
  • My parenting class is slated to run tonight.  I'm looking forward to meeting all the open-minded parents who signed up to take the class.
  • Mr. UpCyclist and Lil O are cracking me up with their game play of Star Wars on the Wii.  They make a great daddy-daughter Jedi team.

Speaking of Jedi, he keeps asking for more snow :)



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