Paper Heart Chains {for Heart Week}

You know I love a good garland.  This one is soooo easy you don't even need text-based directions.

In fact, it is so easy that at my house, we have a zillion of these heart chains floating around and hanging.

See the photo tutorial here.  If you search on Pinterest for "paper heart chains," you'll also see wreath versions of this.  Supply-wise, buy some craft paper (we bought red and pink cardstock at Joann Crafts), scissors or a paper-cutter (which is one of my favorite inventions) and a stapler.

As mentioned, our house is full of these heart chains as Lil O is quite a pro.

Love that kid and this easy heart-week craft,


PS - Did you know I don't even like Valentine's Day?  But, I do love a good heart - literally, figuratively and shapely.  Ha!